I want to talk to you about energies and how their affect on us. For me it is always been natural to sense things. As a child it was tough for me because nobody could explain why I felt the way I did. I was told I was too sensitive and I just needed to toughen up. My parents weren´t too happy for me seeing through people. They told me to stop it and be like other kids. But how could I? I did not know how to be anything else. I could not tell apart the things that everybody saw and the things only I could saw. 

For example meeting new people was very difficult for me because I could sense whatever their energy was. If they were mad or restless inside them or they weren´t having friendly thoughts, I sensed that instantly. It made me want to hide from them. It was hard to stay in their presence, because their energy was too harsh for me to handle. If they were friendly and warm inside out, I wanted to hang around in their energy. Leaving away from those kind of people made me often cry. I learned quickly not to show that. I was being way too sensitive again. 

Now as an adult I feel blessed to be able to sense things. Sometimes it can be hard when other peoples energies go through you. It can exhaust you. For a sensitive person it´s important to learn how to keep your own energy high and stable. When you can maintain in your own energy, other peoples energies doesn´t affect you. It won´t shake you upside down. You are still able to sense energies, but it doesn't take your power away. It took me many many years to learn how to stay in balance. Trust me, I´ve been exhausted just after entering a room full of people. Imagine that all their energies (thoughts, emotion etc.) suddenly are poured over you! That is how it feels like when you are very sensitive and not having a balance between your own energies and environment. 

I tried to close up myself in order to be able to interact with people. It did not work out. I was tired after not being myself. Trying to be something I wasn´t took away my strength. It was a long road to finally learn how to maintain in my own center no matter what, but it was definitely worth it! I feel so much happier to be able to be myself and have energy to live the way I want to. If you need to struggle with harsh energies all day, you don´t have any energy left to do things you love. You have to rest just to get through the next day. 

Finding the balance and learning to maintain in my own energies has given me so much. I have time and strength to meditate and make plans. I have time and willingness to be open for new possibilities. New things are not scary anymore. I know how to handle with different people and different situations without losing myself. It has also sharpened my senses. It has given me a opportunity to use them for good. I know how to use my gifts for helping people and making this world a better place. It has given me a power to live not only open minded, but also open hearted as well. Making the commitment to be me has been the best choice I´ve ever made. I am learning every day how to live in align with the Universe. 

Living in alignment gives you infinite opportunities to follow your path and fulfill the purpose of your life. Go for it! 

Merja Laukkanen