Give It Time

When we have big plans and expectation for the future we want everything happen right now. We want it and think it´s the best for us. If we force things to happen though, it´s never as good as it was if we waited for the right time. We need to understand that we can´t force the best outcome. We can only allow it to happen. When it takes place by the Universe´s schedule it is always the best possible for all of us. It usually comes out even better as we expected it to. We need to respect the divine timing and let the Universe work for us.

You have no idea how much your every move effects on this world. Every thought we think has enormous power to create so keep thinking good and positive thoughts about your life and trust that you will get it. When you are not making things to happen but allowing them to, the outcome often blows you away. You are stunned how wonderful everything turned out to be. Your visions and good energy you´ve been sending in form of your thoughts, have created amazing outcome. Your creating power combined with the power of the Universe makes anything possible. 

Take control of your thoughts and you will have all doors opened for you. Things will flow to you and you will flow with the energy. Everything happens with perfect timing. Things come to you when you are ready for it. Usually it is lack of courage or fear of change that prevents us moving. It means that you are holding everything back with your creating power, instead of creating something new and great for you and for others. Trust that things will come to you, let go of old and embrace the new. Do not force anything, use the flow and be ready to receive. 

Merja Laukkanen