Be the Messenger of Love

Every day could be filled with love. You can start your day by loving yourself first. Say to yourself how much you appreciate yourself. Tell yourself how beautiful and loving you are. Feel the warm and loving feeling inside you. Keep it there to share it with people you meet during your day. 

Sharing love is significant to all of us. We all need love. We need to love and to be loved. They are equally important. Both of them makes us feeling better about ourselves and others. More compassionate we are towards ourself more compassionate we are towards others. We need to see each other valuable. We need to see how much we actually mean to this world.                 Love helps you to see love in other people. It helps you to see good in others. With love you don't need to fight against anybody. When you have love you can afford to be kind and gentle. 

You can bring light and happiness to this world by showing that you care. Be brave, be the Love.


Merja Laukkanen