Learn to Receive

I´ve been thinking lot about being attached to things. As I wrote earlier, if you hold on to things you get stuck. In order to go forward you need to let everything go. Everything that´s important to you will follow you to the next stage of your life. Things will get to you, but you need to have space for it. Set yourself free. Trust that you are fully supported. 

Once you´ve let things go, you need to learn how to receive. Learning how to receive is just as important as letting things go. You have to believe that you are worth receiving. You are worth having all the good in this world. It is not selfish. It is your birthright. You are meant to live in abundance. You are meant to have a happy life. If you feel that you are not worth getting a better life, the Universe has to answer to your request. Learn to be a better receiver by accepting compliments and help. Start with small things and you will learn to receive much bigger things knowing that you are worth it. Start saying YES to new opportunities. Say YES to life.

Give your worries to the Universe so you can concentrate in being grateful. The more grateful you are the more you have to be grateful for. Remember that the Universe is answering to you. The Universe is listening to your energies and giving you feedback. Make sure that your thoughts, feelings and actions are align, because you are getting what you are thinking and feeling. That way you can manifest much quicker, whatever it is that you want. If you are thinking something but feeling something else, you are sending mixed messages and not getting what you want. Concentrate on what you want. Feel that you are having it already. Be grateful and be ready to receive it. Remember that the Universe is working for you. 


Merja Laukkanen